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ilexo is an independent IT Service Management (ITSM) consultancy based near Guildford, Surrey. We can help you to make the ITSM, technical and cultural changes you need to move your organisation forward.

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We’ll come and listen to what your challenges are, and then build a solution around you. Typically, that will involve one or more of the following:

CMDB implementation

A configuration management database (CMDB) is the key to managing all of your hardware and software. Done right, it can transform your operations.

We’ll look at the data you have, and show you how to organise it, update it, and interleave multiple data sets. We can identify any gaps and automate data collection to plug the holes. We can also help you understand the relationships and capability of the items delivering your IT services, so you know what can be removed, updated, automated or exploited.

ITSM tool selection

We’ll help you find the tool that is fit for your purpose and right for your use.

We have years of experience in the ITSM tool market and know a lot about the available tools and vendors. We can run the entire tender process for you, shortlisting vendors, and providing complete transparency and analysis of the suitability of each tool for your requirements. For right now, and long into the future.

ITSM tool implementation

Getting a new tool up and working is never as easy as it sounds. We have implemented lots of different ITSM systems and can help to steer you around the common problems.

From a small service desk, to a multinational, multi time-zone, follow-the-sun ITSM function, we can offer insight, guidance and direction. Working with your vendor, your technical teams and your end-users, we’ll help you to get your new tool up and running fast.

ITIL consulting

As certified ITIL experts, we have experience in almost every process application, and can advise you with confidence.

We take a holistic and service-centred approach to ITIL, and can help you use the parts you need in an effective and positive way. We can shape your ITIL framework so the whole organisation is working to best practice. Or you can ask us to fix a specific problem process, so that it runs smoothly with the rest of your suite.

Change integration

When you make a change in your IT infrastructure, it’s natural to focus on the capability first. But actually it’s your people who will make or break it as a business success.

We’ll work with you to build strategies and approaches that make sure your planned IT change is accepted, adopted and welcomed by the people who matter. Getting everyone onside with the vision as well as the tech, we’ll ensure that your customers see the benefits you intended.

Systems integration

Greater scalability, agility and automation in IT brings benefits, but can also bring the risks of complexity, fragility and duplication. Tools don’t always play well together; they don’t necessarily speak the same language; you may not be able to get data out of them in the right shape for your decision making.

We can help you to integrated disparate systems and technologies correctly, so they work to their full capacity and give you the outcomes you need.

Alemba vFire and Alemba Service Manager Administration

We’re Alemba Professional Services partners, and we can help with any administration jobs you need doing, with either the vFire or ASM versions of the Alemba products.

With over 15 years of hands-on experience with these tools for customers worldwide, there isn’t much we haven’t seen and done before – from the mad to the sublime.

We can offer Administration and Professional Services in the following areas:

  • System Configuration
  • Integration setup – including Email, Events, CMDB Connectors, Webhooks and API.
  • Customer Portal configuration
  • Workflows
  • Screen Designs
  • Outbound Actions and Automation
  • Training for Analysts and End Users
  • Reporting
  • Testing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Documentation

We have an excellent relationship with all the Alemba teams, and can liaise directly with them on your behalf if you need us to. We’ll be extremely careful with your Alemba system, and always leave the completed job neat and tidy, fully documented – and with sign off to say you’re happy before we go.

If you’d like to know more, or simply talk through what you need, please connect with us – we’d love to hear from you.

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ilexo was formed in 2011, and we have years of hands-on experience in ITSM, ITIL, and Change integration. We are thorough, organised, and capable. We listen carefully, and we think deeply. We are honest, and we work with respect and integrity.

Holly is our ITSM and ITIL specialist and has over 20 years of experience in this field. Holly has worked with numerous clients, vendors and tools, and is a CMDB enthusiast.

Colin is our technical and integrations expert, with 25 years of software development experience. There is nothing Colin loves more than writing code in a dark room with 3 monitors and some toast.

Katie is our change expert. Over the last 15 years she has helped numerous clients get more from their IT investment by helping everyone (even the nay-sayers) to adopt new practices.

We also have access to a wider team of ilexo associates who are specialists in their fields – in IT project management, security, operations, cloud, business intelligence and more.

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Basically, because we’re good at what we do. We have developed our ITSM wisdom over many years. We know every organisations needs are different, and yours will be too. We don’t use complicated words where simple ones work better. We never over-promise. If we tell you we can do it, we can. If we say we will, we do.

Our Friends and Partners

We’re proud to share a wonderful response we have received for our work with our friends at Hiscox – even though it makes us blush…

We have many 3rd Party suppliers and partners that we work closely with at Hiscox, but there are very few that go the extra mile like ilexo. They have been pivotal in our ITSM journey over the last 18 months and have orchestrated capability enhancements to our discovery process, tool selection, CMDB and SLA/OLAs. They are a strategic partner that are not only stand-out experts in their field, but are also a company fully invested in delivering what is right for the organisation they work with. I fully recommend them to any company that is looking to evolve their ITSM capability.

Alex McLaughlin (Technology Director –
IT Services & Hiscox Partner)

We’re also pleased to be Alemba Partners, specialising in vFire and ASM Administration and Professional Services – including implementations and integrations. We have 15 years of experience with the Alemba products, and a great relationship with the Alemba team.

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The first thing we do is listen to what you have to say. Then we’ll write a proposal, so we all know exactly what we’re aiming to achieve.  Once appointed, we can work on-site or remotely to deliver what we’ve agreed. Once finished, we’ll provide a follow-up report. We might buy some cake too. And afterwards, we’re here to offer ongoing advice and guidance, if that’s what you’d like.

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Whether you’ve got a problem that needs solving or a detailed spec you need implementing, a quick email or a phone call is usually a good place to start.

Email us:

Call us: +44 (0)148 339 7015